June 13th with guest Nicole and Michael Kobrowski of the Historic Indiana Ghost Walks & Tours

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 13 of June , 2010 at 11:44 pm

Unseenpress.com, Inc. and Historic Indiana Ghost walks and tours was developed in 2000 by Nicole Kobrowski, a Hoosier native and Michael Kobrowski, a Indiana transplant. Nicole’s cultural roots go back almost 200 years in Indiana and US history. She is a self-proclaimed “mutt” with family ties in Native Americans and six European countries. Her love of history was cultivated in Europe and through her other travels and journeys. Traveling extensively, Nicole feels the call of her Indiana roots calling her back to a place she calls home.

Her involvement with the paranormal started when she was very young because of personal experiences. Since that time, she has been a voracious reader and investigator of the paranormal and works towards being able to use qualitative and quantitative scientific methods and instruments to provide proof of paranormal existence. Education is a large part of her life and she is currently finishing her doctoral degree at Ball State University.

Michael Kobrowski was born and raised in Germany. His father’s family came from eastern Poland after being displaced in WWII and his mother’s family came from Bavaria. He has always been interested in the paranormal and sci-fi worlds and has developed a strong bond with real paranormal stories and experiences. As a systems, programming and computer support consultant, Michael has been able to use his talents to develop a number of gadgets for use in the field.

The Westfield “Ghosts of the Underground Railroad” tour began in 2001 when Nicole and Michael decided that the history and ghosts of Westfield were too interesting to keep bottled up in suburbia. Through their writing and research, Nicole and Michael developed a tour based on the real paranormal stories and history of the area. The tour was a huge success and the business was expanded to include Noblesville, Indianapolis and other Indiana Cities. Currently, the company also offers three different bus tours as well.

Unseenpress.com, Inc. released its first much awaited book in 2006 and currently has 8 books in process. “Haunted Backroads: Central Indiana, was well received and continues to be a popular read on the Internet.

Unseenpress.com, Inc. now employs 5 professional storytellers and continually adds more tales to their tours. Many times on the tours, guests will report spirit activity through feelings, photos— and touch! The company prides itself in that no part of its tours are staged, nor are special effects used. As Nicole and Michael are fond of saying, “If you see or feel something on the tour, it is truly your reality.”

These tours have been recently voted #1 by the a poll of people who have attended ghost tours in Indiana. Unseenpress.com, Inc. and Historical Indiana Ghost Walks and Tours has been featured on CBS-WISHTV 8, Fox 59, in the Indianapolis Star and Intake Magazine, and in the Noblesville Daily Times. It has also been featured nationally in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Midwest Living and other publications. Information has also been written in a variety of paranormal organizations’ publications. Read more news coverage about us here.


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June 6th with guest AAron Kaplan author of DEEP ANALYSIS : FRIGHTENING CONCLUSION

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 7 of June , 2010 at 12:36 am

Do certain events here on Earth signify that an extraterrestrial threat places the future of humanity in peril? Author AAron Kaplan attempts to alert the human race of what is about to come by presenting and interpreting historical records, weaved in an expository and informative account. Discover a diabolical event that pervades humanity’s future in Deep Analysis: Frightening Conclusion. Join Shaun and Nathan as they talk with AAron about what did and did not happen at the Roswell UFO crash!

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May 23rd with Bonnie Joe of Ghostly Talk Radio

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 23 of May , 2010 at 11:39 pm

It’s a paranormal party!  Bonnie Joe and Magnus Apollo join Nathan S. and Shaun B. for a crazy night of paranormal talk. No we didn’t talk about anything important but we had a good time. Find out how G&D got started and what it was like in the good old days as well as on the set of Extreme Paranormal.

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May 2nd with Nicole Hall of CT Soul Seekers

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 2 of May , 2010 at 11:43 pm

Paranormal activity has been a part of Nicole Hill’s life for as long as she can remember. As a very small child, She lived in a home that was believed to be haunted. Although Nicole does not remember much myself, he family is full of stories about unexplained footsteps, recurring dreams, and odd mechanical glitches that took place in their previous home. The experiences have continued throughout her life and has convinced her that there is more to death than long hallways and bright lights.

Nathan and Magnus talk with Nicole about her work with the CT Soul Seekers. www.ctsoulseekers.com

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April 25th with Shannon and Jeff Sylvia

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 25 of April , 2010 at 11:49 pm

It’s a wild and crazy night with Shannon and Jeff Sylvia from Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters International, Up for Discussion, and Shantown. Plus Magnus Apollo the Cryptoman helps out as guest co-host. A lot of things went wrong, a lot of things went crazy, an lot of things were a lot of fun. It was a great night.

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April 18th with guest Margaret Florio of The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group and Society

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 18 of April , 2010 at 11:59 pm

Margaret Florio has been a member of The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group and Society – www.TRIPRG.com – since March 2003 and has been experiencing spirit activity since childhood. She is a senior investigator with the group and is a case sensitive. She has been a member of AAEVP – ATransC – for two years and has been a guest on several radio shows.  When she is not doing the paranormal bit, she is an Assistant Administrative Officer for a state agency. She has a teenage son, a dog, a cat, a tortoise and has been happily married for thirty years. She is joins Nahtan S and Magnus this week on the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show.

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April 4th with guest Lloyd Pye of the Starchild Project

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 5 of April , 2010 at 12:08 am

THE STARCHILD SKULL is a unique 900-year-old bone skull found in Mexico in the 1930s. The Starchild Project is an informal organization which began in 1999 when Ray and Melanie Young, the owners of the Starchild Skull, asked Lloyd Pye to head research efforts to determine what caused the unusual shape and properties of the bone. The results uncovered by Pye’s team ruled out all known deformities, and presented the scientific community with a bone profile never before seen on Earth. http://www.starchildproject.com/

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March 28th Ryan Burns of Hero Paranormal and the Skinwalker Ranch

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 29 of March , 2010 at 12:01 am

Hero Paranormal investigate and research verified reports and sightings of anamolous activity while protecting those involved. Finally a research group situated in Utah’s famous Uintah Basin. A hotbed  for UFO’s, many types of craft, crypto-odditites and high strangeness have been reported in this area for years.

Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch located in the Uintah Basin of Utah. It has been the focal point of many paranormal events. The area surrounding the ranch is just as active. UFOs, creatures of every shape and size, and mysterious small intelligents lights are common. The ranch has for some reason gotten all of the publicity when in reality the entire area is alive with activity. The former owners of the ranch where a family called the Shermans, they were so tormented and harrassed by all the paranormal activity that they sold the ranch to a Las Vegas Tycoon who has been doing scientific research there in one form or another ever since. Native Americans believe the entire area known as Skinwalker Territory is cursed in some way shape or form. A Skinwalker is difficult to describe but not unsimilar to a Native American Witch with a great deal of Black Magic prowess. They are said to be able to take the forms of different animals and Shapeshift. Many werewolf like creatures have been sighted in the area and are know to run alongside vehicles. I have dropped everything and dedicated my life to the research of the variety of extreme strangeness, my name is Ryan Burns.

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March 14th with Shannon Lusk and Scott Sukel of Mansfield Reformatory

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 14 of March , 2010 at 11:47 pm

Shannon Lusk and Scott Sukel of the Ohio State Mansfield Reformatory talk with Nathan S and Magnus Apollo about the Ghost of the famous prison seen in The Shawshank Redemption and on Ghost Adventurers.

Built in 1834, the Ohio Penitentiary was actually the second Ohio Penitentiary, the third state prison, and the fourth jail in early Columbus. In April 1955 it housed an all-time high of 5,235 prisoners. Most prisoners were removed from the prison by 1972 with the completion of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, and the facility was closed in 1984. The state sold the Ohio Penitentiary to the City of Columbus in 1995.

Stone walls and iron bars they’re still here, but what of the humanity, if you can call it that, of the old Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield. What of the 154,000 inmates who passed through it’s gates in it’s 94 years as a working prison. Not to mention their keepers, the Wardens, and the Guards, the gravediggers, and the rest, what of them remains? As it turns out, more than you might think. No matter what their crime, some sent to Mansfield have never left. They rest unclaimed in a cheerless graveyard just outside the fence. 215 numbered markers laid out row on row. Most were victims of disease, influenza, tuberculosis, but some died of less natural causes; From the violence, that is all to common inside any prison and was far from unknown in this one. And the worst of it occurred well away from the main cell block with their rows of cages stacked tier on tier, and inmates, one or two to a cell. There were too many eyes, too many witnesses here, no the worst of it was reserved for a far lonelier place, deep beneath the prison ground. A place called local control, or solitary, by some, known by everyone else as the hole. Near total isolation can crack all but the toughest of cons, but none was so alone that there wasn’t room for death. At least one inmate managed to hang himself, another set himself on fire, once two men left too long in a single tomb like cell, only one walked out, leaving his cellmate’s body behind, stuffed beneath a bunk. Could there be other similar surprises? Or words left over from the days before the prison closed? Even when they’re empty, some swear something walks these halls. It isn’t enough for contemporary visitors not to wonder off alone while sight seeing, what‘s become one of Mansfield’s more popular tourist attractions. But the bloodiest single incident in the old prison’s history occurred outside it’s walls. In July 1948, when the Reformatory’s farm boss, his wife and daughter were kidnapped and shot to death by two parolees bent on revenge. A six state manhunt for the so called mad-dog killers ended in a shootout that left Robert Daniels of Columbus in custody and his partner, James West dead. “I’ll get the Chair” Daniels told police as he signed the confession. And on January 3rd, 1949, he did. A year later in 1950 disaster struck again. This time, here in the living quarters of the Warden himself. The Warden’s wife, removing a jewelry box from a closet shelf dislodged a pistol from it’s hiding place. When it hit the floor, the gun went off inflicting a fatal wound. And within the decade, even more bad luck. The Warden, hard at work in his office, suffered a heart attack and died. All this was nearly 40 years ago and more, how then to explain the voices shaken tour guides swear they hear today? Man and woman talking, to faint to understand, to persistent to ignore and chilling to listeners who think they’re alone, only to find themselves apparently eavesdropping on the warden and his wife locked forever in an endless conversation from beyond the grave.

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March 7th with Cape Cod Haunted History Tour

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 8 of March , 2010 at 1:48 am

Bonnie of Ghostlytalk joins Nathan S. of the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show as we talk to Derek Bartlett of Cape Cod’s Haunted History Tour.

Derek formed CAIPRS in August 2001. Derek  has always been looking for answers. These questions started as early as his childhood while hearing local legends and stories of New England ghosts and shipwrecks. Since forming CAIPRS he has not only found a dedicated team who seek the same answers but has found more questions as to how and why paranormal events happen around us. Derek believes in a pragmatic, scientific approach to ghost hunting and uses both technical equipment and intensive historical research in his case work. CAIPRS, led by Mr. Bartlett is involved with cases that span from New England to New Orleans and beyond. Derek is a former US Marine and employs the  concepts of both discipline and an intense theoretical approach in his work. A self described “skeptical believer” he is not out to debunk everyone else’s work as much as he is to prove his own findings. He maintains a high standard for CAIPRS and feels that leading by example is not only better for his own group, but for the overall perception of paranormal research groups as a whole. Both Derek and CAIPRS are based in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.

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Feburary 28th with the Bird Cage Theatre and CPRS!

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 1 of March , 2010 at 1:28 am

Shaun and Nathan are joined by Dean of the Bird Cage Theatre. The Bird Cage Theatre is Tombstone’s most authentic attraction and one of the west’s  most famous landmarks.Visitors and employees of the Bird Cage Theater have reported seeing the spirits of former prostitutes and men in cowboy hats. Some claim to have been touched and pushed by unseen forces. At night, the sounds of laughter, yelling and music have been heard, as though the parties of the Old West were still raging. Many have claimed to see the visage of a man in black wearing a visor pacing across the stage.

Then they are joined by Orlando Ferrante and Joe Franke of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society. The Connecticut Paranormal Research Society is a non-profit organization which is devoted to helping people with paranormal disturbances.

Orlando Ferrante is not only the co-founder and senior technical investigator of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society; he is also a gifted sensitive and accomplished paranormal consultant with over 16 years experience in paranormal investigation. Orlando possesses a unique and uncanny ability to sense the presence of spirits and to see visions of future events with remarkable accuracy. His experience and unrivaled passion for finding the truth makes him one of the leading investigators in the field today.

Joe Franke, in addition to being the co-founder and senior lead investigator of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society; Joe is also an expert paranormal consultant. His investigative experience spans well over two decades, with him spending the majority of his adult life helping others understand and overcome their paranormal experiences.

G&D 02-28-10

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January 31st with Sheena Metal of The Sheena Metal Experience

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 1 of February , 2010 at 1:08 am

We are joined by Sheena Metal of the Sheena Metal Experience.  www.latalkradio.com/Sheena.php

Sheena is also the Executive Producer of Montgomery House – The Perfect Haunting, www.montgomeryhousehaunting.com .

Sheena Metal is a Los Angeles entertainment icon.  She has anchored numerous radio shows for over ten years in Los Angeles–six of which were spent on top-rated talk station KLSX (97.1 the FM Talk Station) where she helmed five successful shows (The Sheena Show, Late Night Booty Call, Sheena and The Princess, Sheena and Sam). Her untouchable wit, unforgettable voice and unflinching fan base have proven Sheena to be an undeniable radio presence that was the subject of a comprehensive five-page feature in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar section, as well as being featured in: LA Weekly, the Daily News, Music Connection, and dozens of other periodicals. In addition, Metal was interviewed and quoted in Michael C. Keith’s Sounds in the Dark, currently in publication with a forward by Larry King.  Currently she hosts Music Highway, an internationally syndicated music/talk hybrid heard on over 2,400 affiliates to nearly 130 million listeners worldwide.

We were also joined by our Crypto Pal John Magnus Champlin.

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January 24th with Joanne Austin & Ryan Doan of Weird NJ, Weird U.S. & Last Exit

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 25 of January , 2010 at 1:18 am

Weird NJ/Weird US/Weird Hauntings/Last Exit

Joanne M. Austin is a writer and editor who covers two subject matter extremes: the financial services industry and regional folklore as featured in the magazine Weird N.J. At the latter, she edited two special editions of the magazine – Tales From Clinton Road and Last Exit: Travels with Death in the Garden State – and interviewed a wide range of weirdly interesting people, including the Amazing Kreskin, Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey, and Sci-fi author Jeffrey Ford. She also compiled and edited the award-winning anthology Weird Hauntings: True Tales of Ghostly Places and has done the same with a second book, Weird Encounters: Ghostly Tales of Haunted Places, which will be available from Sterling Publishing in September 2010.

Since graduating with honors from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration Ryan Doan has supplied illustration and photo design services to such clients as Barnes and Noble, Sterling Publishing, BMG Entertainment, Sababa Toys, Art Asylum, The Aquarian magazine, The Sun, and commissioned costumers.In 2004 he joined Weird NJ magazine as an Associate Editor and Production Associate/Photographer. That position soon parlayed into Staff Artist when Weird NJ signed a large book deal with Barnes and Noble. He enjoyed that position for five years until branching out to establish himself as a freelancer. He was the primary illustrator for over 32 internationally syndicated titles also supplying cover art for three editions. Included in those titles is the award-winning Weird Hauntings, where he was responsible for acquiring the photography and which he enjoyed being the sole illustrator. The follow-up book Weird Encounters: Ghostly Tales of Haunted Places, his second book, will be released in the fall of 2010 to hopefully the same response as the first. Ryan has also worked as a freelance photojournalist, interviewing and photographing often eccentric, colorful characters. His photography has also appeared in many of his book projects and on the walls of commissioned clients. Ryan just finished working on a special issue for Weird NJ entitled Last Exit: Traveling With Death In The Garden State. He is now seeking to expand his freelance clientele. He can be reached through his web site www.ryandoan.com .

Download 01-24-10

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January 10th with Steve and Kimberly Gunn of Haunteddolls.net

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 11 of January , 2010 at 1:08 am

Kimberly Gunn is an avid collector of haunted dolls or as she prefers to call them, spirit children.  Many of the dolls in her collection were mis-understood and frightened their owners,  while some of my other spirit children were owned by Wicca, Celtic or paranormal investigators who were either researching them or understood them and were trying to help them. Steve Gunn is a Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Practitioner, Tutor and Author.

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January 3rd 2010 with CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT!

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 4 of January , 2010 at 1:24 am

Download 01-03-10

Horror Movies with CINEMA KNIFE FIGHT:

L. L. Soares’s fiction has appeared in such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Horror Garage, Bare Bone, Gothic.Net, and Lullaby Hearse, as well as the anthologies THE BEST OF HORRORFIND 2, RIGHT HOUSE ON THE LEFT, RAW: BRUTALITY AS ART, and TRAPS. His story -Second Chances- received an Honorable Mention in sixteenth annual edition of THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR, edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling. He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association -HWA, as well as the current co-chair of the New England Horror Writers -NEHW. His first story collection, IN SICKNESS, will be published in 2010 by Skullvines Press.

Michael Arruda is the author of numerous short stories and movie reviews. His work has appeared in anthologies, magazines, and online publications, including BE VERY AFRAID!, AMAZING HEROES, LOVECRAFT’S WEIRD MYSTERIES, FAR SECTOR SFFH and DAWNSKY. Michael’s an Active Member of the HORROR WRITERS ASSOCIATION and served as the HWA’s NEW ENGLAND CHAPTER co-coordinator from 2001 to 2007. He’s also been penning the movie review column -In the Spooklight- for the HWA NEWSLETTER since 2000. Michael also writes the movie review column -Cinema Knife Fight- with L.L. Soares.

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December 20th with guest R. “Joshua” Shapiro

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 21 of December , 2009 at 1:25 am

Download 12-20-09

Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he had an opportunity to be in the presence of an amethyst skull located in northern California.  At that time, he felt a very strong connection with this artifact which forever changed his life. Since then, he has devoted a great deal of time and effort to sharing with others key information about the crystal skulls and the role they have to play in the prophesized “Golden Age”.

He feels very fortunate to have had an opportunity to be able to visit privately with a number of the more well known crystal skulls in the world including: the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull”, “ET”, the “British Museum Crystal Skull”, and “Ami”.

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December 13th with guest Laurie Champion

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 14 of December , 2009 at 1:15 am

Download G&D 12-13-09

EVP’s with Laurie Champion

Laurie Champion, Author of Forever Dead and the director of Pinellas/Pasco Paranormal at the age of fifty one,,has been in this field for thirty one years.  She got into the field because she herself was the victim of a hostile haunt for years as a child. She and her team have much experience with all kinds of hauntings and some cryto cases.

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December 6th with guest Lanaia Lee

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 7 of December , 2009 at 12:43 am

Download G&D 12-06-09

G&D talk with Lanaia Lee, author of Skulls of Salvation, about 2012, the end of the world, magic and all things on peoples minds as we come closer to what many believe is the end of the world. The same things Lanaia puts in the fictional books called the “Of Atlantis” series.

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November 29th with guest Jeff Sylvia

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 5 of December , 2009 at 8:18 pm

Download G&D 11-29-09

Born in New Bedford Massachusetts, Jeff Sylvia grew up an alter boy and confirmed Catholic.   He believed strongly in God, and the devil, heaven and hell, and the struggle between good and evil.  “I remember at a very young age pondering the afterlife”.  Although he did believe in life after death, the though of communication with the dead was a big leap. “I once looked at my wife like she was nuts, but then I educated myself”. It was when he moved to the Leominster, MA condo, (featured on A & E’s Paranormal State) that unexplained phenomena began to take place, and the need for answers and fascination with the paranormal took shape in his life.

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November 22 with guest Julio Razquin of Granite State Paranormal

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 23 of November , 2009 at 1:11 am

G&D 11-22-09

Ghostman & Demon hunter talk with Julio Razquin on the hunt with Jim Snell of Granite State Paranormal looking for the New Jersey Devil.  www.gspnh.webs.com

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November 15th with the Professor Slim King

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 16 of November , 2009 at 1:47 am

G&D 11-15-09

The Professor Slim King is back to talk about predictions and haunted amusement parks.

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Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 9 of November , 2009 at 1:43 am

G&D 11-08-09

We talk to Tim Miller, President of FlatSigned Press about President Gerald R. Ford’s  Limited Edition Book “The John F. Kennedy Assassination” and Comments on President’s Nixon, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.


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October 25th with guest Jeanne Mackin – Author of “The Sweet By and By”

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 26 of October , 2009 at 12:28 am

G&D 10-25-09

The strange-but-true history of Maggie Fox, 19th-century founder of the American Spiritualist movement, haunts a 20th-century journalist in this double-barreled tale of love and loss. Mackin (Dreams of Empire; Queen’s War; etc.) skips between Fox’s story and that of middle-aged magazine writer Helen West, who takes on an assignment to write an essay about Maggie and her sister Katie. In 1848, the two inventive children drew crowds by claiming that they were receiving spirit messages at their home in upstate New York; in fact, they had devised a clever system involving hidden hammers and cracking joints. The “Hydesville Rappings,” as they were dubbed, gained popularity, and the Fox girls were swept off to New York City, where they performed s‚ances for the likes of Horace Greeley. As Helen uncovers this bizarre tale, she begins to feel a kinship with Maggie, an unhappy child who grew up too quickly in a harsh environment. Like Helen, who has been mourning the death of her married lover, Jude, for three years, Maggie also lost her one great love, Arctic explorer Elisha Kent Kane, and spent the rest of her sorrow-filled life communing with his ghost. Although Helen is not a believer at first, she soon finds herself spooked by mysterious bumps in the night. She believes she feels Jude’s presence, and a desperate hope of seeing him again persists even as a new man attempts to woo her. Mackin shifts skillfully between these two atmospheric worlds, and once she tones down the overwritten prose of the first few chapters, the dual narrative acquires rhythm. Intelligent if predictable in its setup, the novel pays homage to two strong women separated by history but united in spirit.

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October 11th Getting ready for Extreme Paranormal

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 12 of October , 2009 at 12:26 am

G&D 10-11-09

Nathan S, Shaun B, and Jason Gow get ready for their up coming special Extreme Paranormal on A&E. The guys just cut loose.

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September 27th with guest Loren Rhoads – Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 28 of September , 2009 at 12:17 am

G&D 09-2809

For ten years, Morbid Curiosity was a one-of-a-kind underground magazine that gained a devoted following for its celebration of absurd, grotesque, and unusual tales — all true — submitted from contributors around the country and across the world. Loren Rhoads, creator and editor of the magazine, has compiled her favorite stories from all ten issues in this sometimes shocking, occasionally gruesome, always fascinating, anthology.

This quirky book is filled with tales from ordinary people — who just happen to have eccentric, sometimes peculiar interests. Ranging from the outrageous (attending a Black Mass, fishing bodies out of San Francisco Bay, making fake snuff films), to the more “mundane” (visiting a torture museum and tracking real vampires), this curiously enjoyable collection of stories, complete with illustrations and informative asides, will entertain and haunt readers long after the final page is turned.

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September 20th with Mellissa Martin Ellis

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 20 of September , 2009 at 11:44 pm

G&D 09-20-09

We welcome back author Melissa Martin Ellis about her new book “Everything Ghost Hunting.” Melissa resides in Rhode Island and has taken classes in ghost-hunting at The Atlantic Paranormal Society in Warwick (TAPS). She was assisted in her research by members of TRIPRG, the Rhode Island Paranormal Research group, as well as Nathan Schoonover of the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show.

She has collected photographs of unexplained and paranormal phenomenon for decades and is an avid paranormal investigator.

Melissa is a freelance writer and photographer with more than twenty-five years of experience. Her work has appeared in such diverse publications as The Boston Globe, Rhode Island Monthly, Newport This Week, Balancing the Tides, The Providence Journal, Horsemen’s Yankee Peddler, and Newport Life Magazine. A former supervisor of the photo lab at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, Ms. Ellis is a longtime member of the Newport Art Museum and has served as an officer of the Newport Photographer’s Guild. She has exhibited numerous times in New England, most recently in a well-received two-person show called “Dreams of Empire” in Newport, RI.

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September 13th with Voodoo Priest Shane Norris – Hougan Shane

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 13 of September , 2009 at 11:54 pm

During his entire childhood, Hougan Catela was exposed to several Christian based religions including Pentecostal, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Southern Baptist and Nazarene and possesses considerable knowledge of the Bible. His intense exposure to several traditions throughout his life developed his deep spiritual connection so much so, that Hougan Catela studied other esoteric paths including Freemasonry, Enochian, Native American Hopi and Vodou.

Shane was literally called from Haiti in Oct 1994 with then partner, Sallie Ann Glassman and was told kanzo initiation had been arranged for them and when could they arrive to Haiti? Although he had not been searching for this path, nor asked anyone to inquire about initiation, he could not deny the Lwa and decided to kanzo as Hougan Supwin in Nov, 1994 in the suburb of Bel-Air, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, West Indies. This took place about 3 weeks after the United States invaded Haiti and re-installed Jean-Claude Aristide as president.

It was at this time Hougan Catela gave his life and full commitment to Bondje and to Vodou. His lineage at that time was through his Papa Edgar Jean-Louis and Papa Silva Joesef. When they returned to the United States, Hougan Catela and his then partner founded and began Island of Salvation Botanica and The Simbi-Sen Jak Ounfo, in New Orleans, LA.

Hougan Catela co-owned and operated Island of Salvation Botanica, conducted all weekly Vodou ceremonies in the temple, established the first public ceremonies on behalf of the City of New Orleans to combat crime, created and conducted the now famous public ceremonies to protect the city from hurricanes, until December of 2001.

During this span of 8 years, Hougan Catela made numerous visits to Haiti to further his knowledge and studies in the Haitian Vodou tradition as often as possible. Due to the dedicated and service to the Vodou religion Hougan Catela was creating through his Botanica and Vodou Temple, he was invited to Australia in 1997 to teach and conduct seminars on the Vodou tradition, which he humbly accepted. He provided almost 3 weeks worth of seminars and teachings of the Vodou religion in Sydney and Melbourne.

Further, Hougan Catela has been filmed and featured on such networks as Discovery, Discovery Medical, The Learning Channel, Travel Channel and such shows as Sightings, Local Broadcast and featured in NY Times, Cond-Nast Traveler, National Inquirer, Time Picayune and many more mass media outlets.

In 2002, he was told by the Lwa he had to go into the djevo again and complete the process that started 8 yrs ago, but this time to receive the additional tools he had not received the first time. After he consulted the Lwa, numerous Mambos, and Hougans about this request, he then asked Houngan Yabofe and Mambo Marie Charles to take him back to Haiti and place him in the djevo.

Hougan Shane or Hougan Catela completed this process in Jan. 2003, was initiated and ordained as Hougan Asogwe and became a member of Sosyete la Belle Fleur de Ginea (of which a branch is currently located in New Orleans). Hougan Catela currently lives and works in New Orleans as a Systems Engineer for a large corporation and provides numerous Vodou services on behalf of Erzulie’s Authentic Voudou and New Orleans Mistic Botanica.


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August 30th with guest Justin Blair.

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 31 of August , 2009 at 12:25 am

G&D 08-30-09

Across the Forest Tales from Transylvania, A film by Justin Blair and Matthew Vincent www.acrosstheforest.com Justin Blair received his BA in History from the University of Florida in 2004. He attended the Russian and East European Institute MA program from the summer of 2007 to 2008 (Romanian Studies). He has taught English in rural China, written book reviews and opinion pieces for independent media, and traveled widely. He grew up in Milton, Kentucky. He is currently in preproduction for an upcoming project regarding the origin and practices of African voodoo. This is his first film. Matthew Vincent has had an interest in the esoteric for the greater part of his life. He has journeyed to Romania twice to collect stories about supernatural beliefs.

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August 23rd with guest Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

Posted by ghostanddemon on Monday, 24 of August , 2009 at 12:31 am

G&D 08-23-09

The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Talk with author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox.

In A GHOST OF A CHANCE  and A Ghost From the Shadows, Elizabeth Eagan-Cox used many elements of history to bring the story to life, including the study of late-nineteenth century sleight-of-hand magic, Victorian architecture, Craftsman bungalow architecture, and details regarding California’s founding Hispanic culture.

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August 16th with guests Rochelle Sparrow & Cortney Kane

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 16 of August , 2009 at 9:04 pm

G&D 08-16-09

SparrowKane Ventures Rochelle Sparrow, MSW, is an internationally reknowned psychic trancechannel, former therapist radio and television personality. Trough her lifetime Rochelle developed a solid, clear understanding of the paranormal through working as a therapist and personal dream analysis. Rochelle became an expert in shamanic trance states, began to read energy and developed her accurate psychic abilities. Because of her outstanding reputation clarity and ethics, Rochelle has become the featured trance channel for Shirley Maclaines website. Rochelle has helped influence people throughout the world with her candid truth about spiritual development. Rochelle has developed a psychic Dear Abby Column, Ask Rochelle, which is featured in many mind body spirit as well as paranormal magazines. In an empathic, entertaining manner Rochelle creates understanding through her psychic trancechannelling for audiences participants of past life experiences, psychic abilities, information regarding spirit guides and angels and helps people with their most important questions

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June 21st with Weird Author Matt Lake!

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 21 of June , 2009 at 9:04 pm

You think you know weird, you don’t know nothing yet! Join the Ghostman & Demon Hunter with Jason Gowin as we talk with Matt Lake, author of Weird PA, Weird MD, Weird England, and Weird US The Oddysey Continues!

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June 14th with Joshua Hawley – author of Tombstone’s Most Haunted!

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 14 of June , 2009 at 8:49 pm

G&D 06-14-09

The Ghostman & Demon Hunter talk to Joshua Hawley,  author of Tombstone’s Most Haunted!
Tombstone has more to it that meets the eye!
I have talked to many authors about books that they wrote. The bad part is, they said that they made most of it up. That didn’t cut it for me. Tombstone’s Most Haunted is filled with true stories, and real events that show the darker side of Tombstone. Based on real history and research, real encounters of the unknown. Tombstone’s Most Haunted is your source for the real ghosts of Tombstone!

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June 7th with Maline LaNoux author of Spirits of Louisiana

Posted by ghostanddemon on Sunday, 7 of June , 2009 at 9:23 pm

G&D 06-07-09

Maline LaNoux was born in the most haunted and mysterious city in Louisiana: The Big Easy, New Orleans. She is a fifth generation Spirit Medium and practitioner of Spiritualism and Cadoo. Ms. LaNoux is married and resides with her husband in South Louisiana. She consults with Paranormal Investigators, performs private readings and teaches seminars on the subject of Paranormal Spirit Phenomenon. She has appeared on national television, been interviewed by other authors, as well as newspaper, radio and print media.

Spirits of Louisiana: Experiences of a Cajun Medium is a reflection of Maline LaNoux’s life growing up with the gift of mediumship in South Louisiana where her mother’s strict religious beliefs collided with the practice of “Cadoo” and the spiritualist culture of her Cajun heritage. She reveals her experiences dealing with spirits of all types — from children, dead relatives, discovering her great-grandmother as her spirit guide to taking on inhuman demonic forces.

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May 31st with Joshua Hawley Tombstone Paranormal Investigations

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 5:22 pm

G&D 05-31-09

Josh Hawley always wondered what ghosts were and so he decided to create Tombstone Paranormal Investigations to find out the answers for himself. We talk about Josh’s new book, the ghosts of Tombstone, the Haunted Tombstone tours and some of the great EVPs he has gotten on investigations.

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May 17th with Tom Maat of Michigan’s OtherSide and MUFON

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 5:19 pm

G&D 05-17-09

Tom Maat has appeared in newspaper articles, and has participated in several radio programs dealing with the paranormal and became a statewide representative for the American Ghost Society in June of 2007. He joined the Michigan chapter of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in October 2008 and as of January 2009, is an official MUFON investigator for West Michigan.

As a young child, he could remember having feelings of not being alone whenever he was in a room by himself. During the summer of 1971, he had an experience while meditating, which started him on the path of Shamanic studies and practices, which resulted in being certified as an Ama Deus Shamanic Healer in 2004. Throughout the years, he has been searching for information about the paranormal through personal investigations, books, lectures and numerous paranormal organizations. In 2003 he was instrumental in the creation of the Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization based in Michigan.

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May 10th with Sabrina Ithal a.k.a. Gore Girl

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 5:08 pm

G&D 05-10-09

The Baroness of Blood’s insatiable thirst for horror started when she was a toddler and she has devoted herself to film ever since. She’s been working in the film industry since she was 17 having done nearly every position from Special FX Supervisor and Assistant Producer to Key Grip and Camera and all the juicy bits in between. GG feels that her intense study and breakdown of film, coupled with vast experience on all levels of a film set, have given her unique tools and insight to bring to the table as a movie critic. Currently, she parlays that insanity on the hit radio show “The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show”.
GG loves to ghosthunt and explore the history behind haunted places and frequents key paranormal and horror events mostly as a stalker. She also teaches classes on paranormal and film in her native land called Chicago.

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May 3rd with Dwayne Claud

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 5:05 pm

G&D 05-03-09

Dwayne had an interest in the paranormal at a very young age. Although, he never truly experienced anything, he knew there must be something more out there. It was in his early twenties that he discovered what lurked in the darkness and that not all that is there is friendly.
Dwayne is a published author. In October 2007, he self-published his first book Baptism By Fire: The Story of a Demonologist. The book chronicled his experience with the demonic and two additional cases that he was involved in. It was just a year later that he was contracted by Schiffler Books to author Rochester Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide which was released in February 2009. In October 2009, his third book Finger Lake Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide, followed by his forth Southern Tier New York Haunts: A Ghosthunter’s Guide in February 2010 will be released by Schiffler Books.
Dwayne is a much sought after lecturer. His experience in demonic investigation and research makes him a captivating speaker. Some of the programs he has available for presentation include Demonic Haunting: A Reality, Scary Games, Superstitions and Urban Legends, and Ghost Hunting.

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April 26 with Jake Wheat of The Waverly Audio Tour and Stomp out Cancer

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 5:00 pm

G&D 04-26-09

Paranormal – changing the way you look at life. Jake A. Wheat recorded the Waverly Audio Tour in 2002 and 2005 at the Waverly Hill Sanatorium and now makes it available to everyone to help a great cause. Hear how Jake recorded the Waverly Audio Tour and how he started www.stompoutcancer.com.

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April 19th with Mark and Debby Constantino

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:55 pm

G&D 04-19-09

Mark and Debby Constantino are a husband and wife paranormal research team specializing in Electronic Voice Phenomena.
They have traveled and investigated some of the most haunted locations in the country with some of the most prominent people in the field.
Over the past several years they have been channeling most of their time and effort into receiving EVP on a consistent basis.
They believe there is a process that allows them to reach our loved ones, giving closure to the dead as well as the living. They also believe that EVP is a huge tool that can aid police in crime solving.

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April 5th with Melissa Martin Ellis of Everything Ghost Hunting

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:50 pm

G&D 04-05-09

We talk about the upcoming book -Everything Ghost Hunting- with author Melissa Martin Ellis. Melissa resides in Rhode Island and has taken classes in ghost-hunting at The Atlantic Paranormal Society in Warwick (TAPS). She was assisted in her research by members of TRIPRG, the Rhode Island Paranormal Research group, as well as Nathan Schoonover of the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show.

She has collected photographs of unexplained and paranormal phenomenon for decades and is an avid paranormal investigator.

Melissa is a freelance writer and photographer with more than twenty-five years of experience. Her work has appeared in such diverse publications as The Boston Globe, Rhode Island Monthly, Newport This Week, Balancing the Tides, The Providence Journal, Horsemen’s Yankee Peddler, and Newport Life Magazine. A former supervisor of the photo lab at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, Ms. Ellis is a longtime member of the Newport Art Museum and has served as an officer of the Newport Photographer’s Guild. She has exhibited numerous times in New England, most recently in a well-received two-person show called “Dreams of Empire” in Newport, RI.

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March 29th with Marla Brooks of Ghosts of Hollywood

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:46 pm

G&D 03-29-09

Marla Brooks is the author of the Ghosts of Hollywood series of books, published by Schiffer Books, a paranormal investigator and the host of Stirring the Cauldron on Para X radio.
We talk with Marla about ghosts, witches, and spells. Of course we do it in our own way. We really have a lot of fun on this show.

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March 22nd with Rev. Tim Shaw

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:40 pm

G&D 03-22-09

Rev. Tim Shaw is an ordained Spiritualist Minister and has had extensive training in a multitude of areas such as Mediumship, Séance, Remote Viewing, Automatic & Spiritual Writing, Energy Healing, Magnetic Healing, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Metaphysical Development, Spiritualist Healing Basics, Soul Retrieval, Psychic Healing, Psychometry, Shamanic Practices, Dowsing, Paranormal Investigative Techniques, The Civil War, and Wilderness Survival. Rev. Tim offers classes in a number of these subjects at various venues.

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March 15th with Syd Schultz The Director of The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:36 pm

G&D 03-15-09

We talk about some real Ghost Hunting with Syd Schultz – The Director of The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society.

Syd approaches the paranormal from a very technical and skeptical side. Always looking for rational explanations to things possibly paranormal, he chooses to make sure that when called in to help he is prepared to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the activity. Syd’s team is a wide and varied group that has been brought together with the best thought for helping those in need. From an expert in the technical field, to an archaeologist, to therapists, and mediums, Syd’s team is equipped to get to the bottom of any activity. Including a pest control expert and an electrican, Syd leaves no stone unturned. With equipment to record any activity and compare experiences to validate what is occurring at any given time, Syd is not one to jump to the first conclusion of a haunting. Having actually experienced an apparition at his place of work lead him on the path of trying to find answers. A professional all the way, Syd leads his team in the quest to help and find answers wherever possible.

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March 8th with Stacy Horn author of Unbelievable

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:32 pm

G&D 03-08-09

Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory

Scientists have always disdained parapsychology, but there was a brief moment in the early 1930’s when the scientific community thought, well, okay, ectoplasm, seances and table rappings aside, maybe there is something going on. Duke opened a lab to study the various phenomena, and for a few decades, a group of serious scientists and graduate students tried to find if there was anything to it all. Unbelievable is the story of what they did and did not find.

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March 1st with Marley Gibson author of Ghost Huntress

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:27 pm

G&D 03-01-09

Marley Gibson grew up in a southern town very much like her fictional Radisson. She never saw any ghosts growing up—that she knows of—although she has been on a few ghost hunts recently with the famed New England Ghost Project and has gotten some very interesting pictures. Marley is a member of the New England Romance Writers of America (RWA) and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She is the creator and founder of Chick Lit Writers RWA. She lives in the Boston area with her best friend, personal webmaster, and hubby, Mike.

Researching for her book series, “Ghost Huntress”, Marley has gone on a number of adventures – ghost hunting as research, and what makes her story interesting is that during that research, she has experienced some very real paranormal activity. Marley and her husband captured some of the most compelling evidence on video at Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky.

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February 22nd with Danielle Egnew and Jason Gowin

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:23 pm

G&D 02-22-09

Danielle Egnew has worked as a Clairvoyant Channeler and Tonal Healer for the past 10 years. She has been the featured Clairvoyant on a number of television projects and is currently a regular guest on hit talk radio show The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio. Believing in educating the masses on spiritual issues, Danielle is no stranger to the paranormal in the media. Most recently, she has directed and starred in the paranormal documentary Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, currently in post-production.

Jason Gowin is the co-host for the Encounters Paranormal series and a weekly regular on the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show. Known to many as the Paranormal Instigator he prefers to be known as a modern day Scooby-Doo.

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February 15th with Warlock Corvis Nocturnum and Richard Senate

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 4:00 pm

G&D 02-15-09

Warlock Corvis Nocturnum Born in May of 1971, great-grandson of a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Freemason, Corvis Nocturnum began his foray into the dark and decadent world of professional art in the year 2000 as Darkartist V. Heavily influenced by artists such as Brom, Joseph Vargo, Luis Royo and Dorian Cleavenger, this self taught renaissance man combined gothic ambiance with tastefully erotic imagery. His works have been featured on covers of books, music catalogs, in galleries and in Julie Strain’s Nightmare on Pinup Street (published by Heavy Metal). He is a long time scholar of occult and Asian philosophy as well as the works of Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche and Anton LaVey.

Richard Senate – Author – “Shocking Psychic Solution: The Lizzie Borden Case”, is the latest in a long list of books. Richard has made many television and documentary appearances: Dead Famous – 4 episodes, Search for Haunted Hollywood, and The History Channel to name a few. Along with quite a number of radio show interviews, articles in the press as well as online, Richard is very busy in his quest to research the paranormal and is always entertaining in lectures, ghost walks, and interviews.

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February 8th with Satanic High Priestiss Peggy Nadramia and UFO author Sean Casteel

Posted by ghostanddemon on Saturday, 6 of June , 2009 at 3:55 pm

G&D 02-08-09

Peggy Nadramia is an American magazine editor and administrator in the Church of Satan, of which she is the current High Priestess, and in which she is known as Magistra Nadramia, as well as the wife of current church head Peter H. Gilmore.
Sean Casteel is a contributor to Fate, UFO Magazine, co author of many a book of ours including “UFOs, Prophecy and the End Times”. He is into UFOs and angels and a host of other topics.

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January 25th with Leslie Rule and Tracy Twyman

Posted by ghostanddemon on Tuesday, 2 of June , 2009 at 9:29 pm

G&D 01-25-09

We go wild talking to author Leslie Rule about ghosts, haunted places, and even cereal killers. Then we talk to Tracy Twyman about her new book “Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.” That’s right MIND-CONTROLLED SEX SLAVES!

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Jan. 18th with Kalila Smith and Scott Roberts

Posted by ghostanddemon on Tuesday, 2 of June , 2009 at 9:02 pm

G&D 01-18-09

First we talk with our friend Kalila Smith of the Haunted History Tours New Orleans and discuss what is new in the paranormal hub known as the Big Easy. Then we talk with ghost hunter Scott Roberts executive producer, and lead investigator of supernatural project Dead Reckoning.

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