April 10th Live from the Octagon Hall!

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In 1847, Andrew Jackson Caldwell laid out the foundation for his new family home. With a desire for distinction, his home would not be a simple structure with four walls like so many others, but an eight sided edifice unique to the region. www.octagonhall.com

Mr. Caldwell, a very active pro-Confederate, finished building his home in 1859 just prior to the Civil War. His brother was a Colonel in the Confederate Army. And because the house was on 31-W or historically known as the Nashville Road, it was a local landmark. The Confederate Army evacuated Bowling Green, which was the Confederate capitol of the state of Kentucky, on February 13, 1862. They camped here the first night and in our best estimation from the military record, somewhere between eight to ten thousand men camped on the grounds. The officers probably stayed in the house overnight, which would have been very common. Because of his Confederate leanings, of course, the Union army came shortly in pursuit of the Confederate army.

We will be also be joined by Spiritualist Thom Angels.

For nearly twenty years, the “Spiritualist,” Thom Angels, has helped countless individuals with the psychic insight and knowledge that he received from “Heaven.” Additionally, Thom has also helped numerous sick individuals and healed them of their ailments, with the help of nearby angelic beings.

THE GHOSTMAN & DEMON HUNTER SHOW – April 9th 11:59 PM Eastern. www.ghostanddemon.com

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The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show goes above and beyond the hunt for ghosts and Bigfoot and searches for the source behind the public’s fascination with local fairy-tales and shadowy topics: the fun behind the fear. Big name celebrities and local authors are just a few of the adventures you can expect. News, zombies, and big name guests as well as G&D friends and more. Why do they try so hard? Because these may not just be stories – these could be legends! Join us every week – www.ghostanddemon.com