May 25th Memorial Day Show

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 10:48 am

G&D 05-25-08

With some of our best shows from 2007. With guests Jeff Belanger of, Marie D. Jones, Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira, and Mark and Mark of Weird U.S.


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May 18th with Brad Steiger and Vampire Belfazaar Ashantison

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G&D 05-18-08

Brad Steiger is the author of 162 books with over 17 million copies in print including Mysteries of Time and Space.

Belfazaar Ashantison is a real life vampire, Founder and Elder, House of Mystic Echoes and Founder of NOVA. New Orleans Vampire Association.


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May 11th with Keith Age and Greg Myers

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G&D 05-11-08

Keith Age has over 30 years of experience in paranormal research. He is the Founder and President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society which was formed in 1996. He was the host of Spooked on the Sci-Fi Channel. At present Keith Age is anticipating the Sci-Fi Channel’s airing of the ongoing epic reality documentary series Children of the Grave where he is host and Associate Producer with Spooked TV Productions.

Greg Myers is well versed with haunting classifications, paranormal investigative techniques and leadership through example. Greg has served as a technician and supervisor while serving in the military and has further enhanced his education and abilities with legal issues while
serving over ten years in the legal field. With his background of legal issues, lobbying experience and issue advocation, he hopes to apply these skills to the enactment and strengthening of “haunted house” and psychological impact disclosure laws for prospective property owners, tenets and lessees. Greg also has an extensive background in genealogical research and familiarization with record research vital to the research of potential haunted properties.


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May 4th with Donna Jackson Master Psychic Counselor

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G&D 05-04-08

Donna, Master Psychic Counselor has over 39 years experience and as a previous certified psychic with the American Association of Professional Psychics. She uses Tarot, psychometry, as well as dream interpretation. Her group Voices from Beyond, works with G.H.O.S.T. – Ghost Hunters Offering Supernatural Tactics.


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April 27th with Loyd Auerbach and Mariann Inman

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G&D 04-27-08

Loyd Auerbach, Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations and author of A PARANORMAL CASEBOOK: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium.
Mariann Inman became a paranormal investigator when she was interested in learning how to do an investigation for her employer. She soon joined her first paranormal group. Her first investigation was an over night at an old haunted mission near Santa Barbara, Ca. Now she is co-founder of Channel Islands Ghost Trackers in Ventura County, Ca


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April 20th with Kalila Katherina Smith and Stacey Allen Mcgee

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 9:38 am

G&D 04-20-08

Kalila Smith was born and raised in New Orleans. She personally researched and wrote the material featured on Haunted History Tours of New Orleans’ Ghost, Vampire and Spellbound tours. She is the author of New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo and Vampires, Searching for Spirits, and Miami Ghosts, Legends and Mysteries.

Stacey Allen McGee, the founder and National Director of The ARC. Alternate Realties Center. A not for profit paranormal research organization based in Northeast Tennessee and has been conducting studies of the Southern Appalachian Mountain Region of the United States, including Upper East Tennessee and the Southwest Virginia Highlands since before the very first Season Premier of the X Files when the organization was founded in February of 1994.


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April 13th with Jason Gowin and Nicholas Redfern

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G&D 04-13-08

Jason Gowin began his actual trek into the unknown back in the fall of 1998 with the infamous paranormal investigation group Ghost Hunters, Incorporated, where he spent the better part of 10 years causing chaos wherever and whenever they could. Upon meeting George Lutz, the man who was the basis for the Amityville Horror book and movies.

Nick Redfern is the author of many books on the paranormal and the unexplained, including Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.


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April 6th with Garry Joseph and Dan Gordon

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 9:18 am

G&D 04-06-08

G&D Talk with Garry Joseph author of Cape Encounters and Dan Gordon author of Haunted Baseball.


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March 30th with Paranormal investigator Jeffrey Stewart and Bigfoot Hunter James Snell

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 8:55 am

G&D 03-03-08

G&D talk with Jeffery Stewart who in 2004 founded the Paranormal Investigators of New England and James Snell, part of our Bigfoot Response Team for Searching for Bigfoot Inc. He is also the Director and founder of Granite State Paranormal.


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March 23rd with Mark Nesbitt of Ghosts of Gettysburg and Adrian Scalf of RVPRI

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 8:46 am

G&D 03-23-08

Ghostman & Demon Hunter talk with Mark Nesbitt of Ghosts of Gettysburg and Ghosts of Fredericksburg. Mark Nesbitt is a former National Park Service Ranger/Historian. He started his own research and writing company in 1977 and did research and advertising copy for some of America’s best historical artists. He started the Ghost of Gettysburg Tours that has began a ghost tour boom in the area and has written several books on ghost stories in Gettysburg, and ghost hunting guide books for the battlegrounds. But first they talk ghost hunting with Adrian Scalf of RVPRI. Always a hardcore skeptic, Adrian found it hard to believe the claims his wife was making that they lived in a haunted house. One night they came across something he could not explain away and he could not deny it anymore. That was in early 2000 and it started him down this strange pathway. After chasing a shadow around their house to find out that it wasn’t a person after all he decided, along with his wife to start River Valley Paranormal Research and Investigations.


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March 9th with Stanton Friedman

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 8:32 am

G&D 03-09-08

G&D talk with Stanton Friedman – Often referred to as the “Father of Roswell,” Stan was the first to investigate the incident beginning in 1978. He is the man who brought the story to the public’s attention, and out from under the government’s lid of secrecy.

Stan has been investigating UFO incidents and reports since the mid 1950s, and went to it full time in 1970. In my opinion Stan is one of, if not THE most knowledgeable, respected, and credible people in all of Ufology.


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March 2nd at the 2008 Dead of Winter Film Festival!

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 8:20 am

G&D 03-02-08

G&D were at the Dead of Winter Film Festival in Decatur, Illinois. They saw some great films, talked to some cool people and brought it all back for you.
Join authors Troy Taylor & Luke Naliborski from the American Ghost Society for the first-ever Dead of Winter Film Festival — our 9th Annual “Dead of Winter” Event in March 2008! Come and experience the best in independent films on ghosts, hauntings and the supernatural! Spend the day at the haunted Lincoln Theater; see some of the best independent documentaries of the year; meet the film makers; take part in question and answer sessions; join us for ghost hunts of the spook-infested theater; and much more!


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Feb. 24th with Steve Cook and Juli Velazquez

Posted by ghostanddemon on Thursday, 28 of May , 2009 at 8:10 am

G&D 02-24-08

G&D talk with Steve Cook: When he first penned the lyrics to “The Legend” in 1987, he had no idea the monster he was creating. While originally produced as an April Fool’s joke, the story of the cyclical appearances of a half-man, half dog creature in the northern wilderness struck a chord with listeners. They also talk to Juli Velazquez, CEO of On-Line Productions, Inc. – Paranormal Underworld, President & Founder of I.S.P.I. – International Society of Paranormal Investigators.


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Feb. 17th with Demonologist Ken Deel and Ghostly Talk

Posted by ghostanddemon on Tuesday, 26 of May , 2009 at 11:28 am

G&D 02-17-08

G&D are joined by Kenneth Deel who is a Demonologist, Spiritual Warfare Counselor, and often a Catholic faith adviser, as he has over 28 years of research experience on the topics, with his first experience occurring when he was about seven years old. He is near completion of his book: ”The realm of the Demonic”: A comprehensive guide to the Demonic haunt”, which should be in print by 2009. Plus the Ghostly Talk Radio Crew and music by Jason Hart.


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